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The Skinny on Not Over Eating While Working Remotely

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Believe it or not this is one of the number one things people ask me about when they learn I work from home full-time. And it’s fair, in my experience working remotely can very easily lead to overeating: you’re near your kitchen and often alone, two things that with limited impulse control can lead to eating, well, a lot.

So is this hard?

In a word: yes. I have definitely observed fluctuations in my weight based on where work.

So how to deal?

I have personally found 5 things that really help:

1. Planning: Meal planning has always been a tactic for staying trim, and I think it is key for working remotely. No, you don’t need to plot out your whole week on Sunday (you can! I just don’t…) but I find it’s helpful to have and idea of what you’ll eat and when. I like to have an idea of what my breakfast, lunch, and 1-2 snacks will be all week and when I think I might want to eat each. To help with this I usually do one big shopping trip on Sunday. Generally speaking it’s not too different from meal planning when you go into a company: since I cook just for one (me!) I often prepare a larger meal I often make that at night and have leftovers for lunch. The main difference and why planning is so key is since it helps avoid making impulsive food decisions. If I find myself getting hungry at 11 am I can decide to maybe have an early lunch, wait until lunch, or opt to have one of my snacks.

2. Small meals: Another strategy of healthy eating in general: smaller, more frequent meals. But to be honest, my driving force isn’t to constantly keep my metabolism running (though yes, that’s a perk), it’s because when I work from home I find myself grazing. Rather than working against this tendency I’ve begun to work with it and make it work for me. I  try to eat smaller breakfasts and lunches, say, maybe 1 egg versus 2, which means I can have that second egg as an afternoon snack.

3. Breaks: I like to take an afternoon tea break (or 2 if it’s a long day, or generally any Monday). Maybe it’s my English background but a cup of breakfast tea with a little bit of almond milk and sugar goes a long way for me. I try to have a cup in the afternoon when I first start to sense myself getting hungry after lunch. Then if I am still wanting (spoiler: I almost always am) I have a snack.

4. Leave your space. I know it’s not possible all the time but when it is the benefits of leaving your house and going on a short walk are huge. The change of scenery helps mentally, offers a break, vitamin D, but also I find that if I’m in the mood for mindless eating by the time I am back I no longer am searching my kitchen for a snack.

5. Get creative! Okay that exclamation point was a little obnoxious. Anyway, I’ve never been the greatest cook. But it’s fun to look for and try new, easy recipes. It’s been especial enjoyable to try new recipes that are tasty, healthy, and easy to make while I’m working from the house. Below are a few pictures of what I’ve been cooking up!

These are taco seasoned lentils over a baked sweet potato with cheese, topped with a fried egg. Per my Snapchat note, I prefer black beans to lentils with a sweet potato but this was still a really tasty dish!

Working from home can seriously pack on the lbs if you’re not careful. What do you do? Any favorite recipes to make during the day?