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Hi there! I’m Jane and you’ve stumbled upon my first post on my new blog, The Working Girl From Home.

So, what are you reading and who am I? Well, I am a working professional who recently began a role in which I will be working remotely full-time. Now I’ve worked remotely in jobs before. The company I worked for right out of college was pretty flexible and it wasn’t uncommon to work from home one day a week (or so). At my last company it was also quite common; towards the end of that experience I was working remotely sometimes 80-90% of the week.

Still, being in a home office or work space, away from your colleagues who are mostly in an office, is a different and unique experience. For that reason after accepting this role I began to scour the Internet for tips, advice, and hopefully to come across an experienced work-from-home professional I could turn to (by way of reading the archives of her/his blog) to learn the ropes.

But I found nothing.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I found posts on the major career-focused outlets about ways to be efficient while at home, ways to ask your manager to for some flexibility, ways to handle working remotely while children or pets are in the home, and the benefits of changing out of your jammies and actually getting dressed. But I didn’t find my guru.

Which is when I decided that I would be my own guru. And hopefully be able to offer some guidance to others by blogging along the way.

A couple of notes: I have just started this new gig so I imagine my first couple of posts will reflect that new-ness. Also I will be traveling to my company’s headquarters periodically, and to start for the first month. Other than that I will be full-time in mi casa working away and sharing the experience.

So this is it, post one. No major tips or advice here just yet other than supporting the feminist idea of being your own hero and defining your own parameters (more on that another time…)

So with that, workers near and far– happy Monday, go forth and kick butt, wherever your desk may be. And of course keep checking back for more.

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